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Joey Jones Fund

Marine Life Studies
proudly announces the
"Joey Jones Scholarship
and Educational Fund"


Created to inspire the next generation
- Educational programs for schools & children at
the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County
- Award scholarships to high school students

Educating the next generation
is key to the future of the ocean
and marine mammals

Make a difference by donating today!
All donations are tax deductible.

Learn more about Joey Jones.

Our Wish List

  • Funds to support our Research Scientist Program
  • Fuel for research boat
  • Winmate Rugged PC Tablet
  • iMac desktop computer with 27" screen & 16 GB Ram
  • 2 - MacBook Pro laptop computers
  • Hero 4 GoPro underwater camera
  • 1080P video camera with external mic
  • Nikon D7100 digital camera or similar model
  • External hard drives - 2 TB
  • Marantz digital recorder for hydrophone
  • iPad tablet
  • Android Tablet

Whale Entanglement Team

  • GPS/Argos telemetry package with buoy
  • 2 sets carbon fiber poles and tool attachments (one of each type - assessing and cutting)
  • 5 GoPro cameras with LED touchscreens and additional batteries
  • Fuel and logistic funds for responding boats and persons 
  • Quadcopter - remote drone

For full list please contact us

Become a Volunteer!

Contact us to become a volunteer!

We are educating and inspiring a new generation of environmental stewards. We also share our research and scientific data with scientists and students who are committed to gaining a better understanding of the oceans, marine mammals and their environment.

We invite you to be a part of this exciting work!