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About Our Volunteer Ocean Stewards


Marine Life Studies success is due to our amazing, highly skilled, and dedicated volunteer staff. All personnel involved with Marine Life Studies serve as volunteers; we have no paid employees. Our volunteer staff is from all walks of life and their dedication, passion and hard work are an inspiration.


We are fortunate to have on our volunteer staff:


George Black, Jude Iverson, Homer Holmes, Mary Whitney, Terri Dratt, Barbara Howard, Victoria Wade, Sue Leinweber, Ron Leinweber, Dave Schramm, Idonya Pinckney, Duane O’Sullivan, Jenna Contuchio, Robin Peterson, Robin Stoner, Maggie McCann, Diane Duncan, Angela Kilmer, Kathi Koontz, Kate Cummings, Topher Mueller, Cathy LaGrand, Al Leverette, Steve Baltes, DJ Baltes, Dick Stap, Betsy Collins, Kelly Grace, Chuck Davis, Rebecca Lindor, Janice Barker, Marilyn Schutz, Larry Schutz, Willow Jones, Sudy Dostal, Dana Riley, Martijn Stiphout, Jane DeLay, Dida Kutz, Bruce Storrs, Rachel Stern, Tiffany Thomas, Debbie Waugh, Melanie Wiegner, Lisa Crandell, Noel Flores, Lucy Bryant, Steve Jensen, Karen Kleid, Bruce Thomas, David Reins, Ashley Ganer, Bill Hommon, Rob Hommon, Rachel Rosen, and last but not least “Whiskie” our canine research assistant.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact us.