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Whiskie the Whale Spotter™ in the Monterey County Weekly



Read all about Whiskie the Whale Spotter in the Monterey County Weekly, and her life as a Whale Spotting Dog.



"I am fascinated with whales and dolphins so I am very glad I chose Peggy Stap to be my owner as she works with these animals. When she came looking for a dog at a pet rescue center I liked her immediately, but she needed a little convincing as she was looking for a smaller dog. I made sure to bounce as high as I could and put on my cutest face so she would notice me and be enticed by my charms.", excerpt from Animal Blog, Monterey County Weekly.





                Click here to read all about Whiskie the Whale Spotter™

                and her life as a whale spotting dog.

                Whiskie the Whale Spotter™ is a valuable member of Marine Life

                Studies research team. Click on the picture to the left to read more about

                how Whiskie got her name and her love of surfing.