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Whale Tales 2013 in Lahaina, Maui




Special Celebration in honor and memory of Dr. Dan Salden, Director of the Hawaii Whale Research Foundation, during Whale Tales on Saturday, February 16 at 3:30 pm at the Maui Theatre.


Whale Tales is a three-day special event President's Day Weekend. Learn about whales from world-renowned scientists, photographers, and filmmakers through a series of presentations, benefit whale watches, and receptions.


Dan_PeggyDan Salden and Peggy Stap at Whale Tales February 2012

Whale Tales in Lahaina, Maui at the Maui Theatre,
February 16 - 18.

For more details on Whale Tales click here.


Sadly, Dr. Dan R Salden, a professor and colleague, passed away on July 18, 2012. He will be sorely missed. Peggy Stap, Executive Director Marine Life Studies, got her start with Dan
and the Hawaii Whale Research Foundation. Dan mentored Peggy on all aspects of his humpback whale research project in Maui. She volunteered 10 years for Dan. It was Dan who
suggested Peggy start her own research project in Monterey Bay. He was even kind enough to let Peggy start Marine Life Studies under the nonprofit umbrella of the Hawaii Whale Research
Foundation. Peggy will always be grateful to Dan for all his guidance through the years. To learn more how Peggy got her start click here. To learn more about the Hawaii Whale Research
Foundation click here. Dan's legacy lives on through Peggy and Marine Life Stuides.



Over the last 34 years, Dan has dedicated and devoted his life to studying humpback Whales. Dan’s many accomplishments include: founder of The Hawaii Whale Research Foundation, authored, co-authored and been acknowledged in numerous papers, and created a multifaceted data base. Dr. Dan will live on through each of us who have been fortunate enough to know, learn, and work beside him. Dan touched our hearts and changed our lives forever.



Humpback whale mother and calf in Maui.
2001© Peggy Stap / Hawaii Whale Research Foundation - NMFS Permit 587-17


Dan Salden on research boat, Deep Blue, along with Kristen DeCrausaz
as humpback whale gets friendly with boat. Peggy Stap (far left) and
Beck Straussner in the water documenting the humpbacks behavior
on stills and video. Research is conducted under special NOAA National
Marine Fisheries Permit in waters off of Maui. Do not attempt to get
in the water with a humpback as there is a huge penalty and punishable
by law as humpback whales are protected and endangered.

Photograph courtsey of Herb Hartmann © 2008