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WET Frees Entangled Humpback on 4/4/17 with partner MBNMS



On April 4, 2017 humpback whale was entangled in crab fishing gear. We were able to successfully disentangle the whale along with our WET® partner, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. It is such a feeling of joy to watch a whale swim free again.


You see the buoys dragging behind the humpback whale in the first photo. They are attached with a line that runs up to the left side of the whale through the mouth. You can see the grapple hook being thrown in second photo to grab the trailing line. They grab the line and pulled themselves up to the whale and cut the gear free behind the whale. A small amount of line was left in the mouth but it would pull through similiar to dental floss.

20170417Mulefr2121_MnBuoy 20170417_Mule_WETfr2169WingGrapple