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Monterey County Gives! 2017


Consider making a monthly recurring donation for the Whale Entanglement Team (WET)®


"Donate today to protect whales because their survival is in your hands."



"Marine Life Studies’ Whale Entanglement Team (WET)® is an integral part of saving whales in NOAA’s Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. WET® provides skilled expertise, tools, data collection, a support vessel and other assets to help save and disentangle whales from fishing gear. We are indebted to this team of dedicated volunteers for all their efforts to free whales, and thank them for their valuable service."

          - Paul Michel, Superintendent, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary


Thank you to all that donated through Monterey County Gives! Campaign ended on 12/31/17. On behalf of all of us at Marine Life Studies and the whales, thank you very much and we appreciate your kind support. We could not do it without you!


Individuals and businesses are challenging you to give today! 

The following believe in our project and have already donated Challenge Gifts totaling $17,825 to support Marine Life Studies' Whale Rescue Research Vessel.

Fluke Foundation • Betsy Collins • Jim and Debbie Thoits • Linda Zimmerman • Al Leverette • Michael Broome • The Raw Connection - A Healthy Pet Store • Daphne Shahabian • Moss Landing Boat Works • Anonymous Individual Supporters • Founding Board Member and Board of Directors
Responding quickly to entangled whales and disentangling them is vital -- every whale is important to the survival of the species!

The hardest part of disentangling whales is raising the funds. It is expensive to save a whale. Often times it takes days, even weeks before the whale is totally free of the gear. To quickly respond the boat needs to be kept in a slip with all the tools on board. We are a volunteer organization but funds are needed for: 
slip fees • fuel • vessel maintaince and repairs • equipment repairs and maintaince • replcement tools • updated specialized tools for disentangling whales • continual training • GoPros • carbon fiber poles • safety equipment (life raft 10-person offshore, cell booster, side band radio, and personal protective equipment)

Click here to learn about the Whale Entantlement Team (WET)®

Marine Life Studies' Whale Rescue Research Vessel is used as a training platform for the Whale Entanglement Team (WET)® through the group's research scientist program. This helps develop an understanding of whale behavior and assess the complexity of each entanglement. Continual training of methods and tool usage for WET® is crucial for efficient responses to disentangle whales. In addtiion to saving whales from a slow, painful death, the data collected is being used to determine how to mitigate this issue in the future. 


WET® was founded by Peggy Stap, Executive Director of Marine Life Studies and Mary Whitney, Founder of Fluke Foundation.


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Photo of entangled fluke (top left) courtesy of Scott Landry taken under DFO-Canada permit, photo of humpback entangled whale (second left) taken by Julia O'Hern, photo of Whale Rescue Research Vessel working entangled humpback (middle right) taken by Kate Spencer, and photo of entangled humpback being disentangled (botom right) taken under NOAA MMHSRP Permit 932-1905 .