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Monterey County Gives! 2016





We want to express our appreciation for your generosity in support of Marine Life Studies through the Monterey County Gives! 2016 Donation Match Campaign. We are delighted to report that we had over 90 donors with a total of $44,350 raised. The personal commitment of our donors was incredible and allows us to contnue our efforts in 2017.

Thank you!


"The work of Marine Life Studies' Whale Entanglement Team goes far beyond the animal lives saved and the educational opportunities you know about. They provide success stories that inspire us all and offer hands on courses in compassion and empathy at a time when both are critically important to humanity. The big message is that we all matter and each of us can make a positive impact."

                                                - Wallace J. Nichols, PhD 


Businesses and individuals are challenging you to give today! They have already donated Challenge Gifts totaling $14,350 to support Marine Life Studies' Whale Rescue Research Vessel.


Jim and Debbie Thoits • Bonnie L. Tucker • Daphne Shahabian The Raw Connection - A Healthy Pet Store  Sea Lion Whisperer (Anonymous) • Huge Marine Life Studies Fan (Anonymous) • Al Lever • Founding Board Member • Anonymous Individual Supporters 

You can meet their challenge by clicking here to donate today!

PCCS_MnEntangledFLUKE Marine Life Studies’ Monterey County Gives! big idea is to manage and maintain its Whale Rescue Research Vessel that accommodates all the tools needed  to rescue whales from life-threatening entanglements, which qreatly reduces our response time.

Responding quickly to entangled whales and disentangling them is vital -- every whale is important to the survival of the species!

The hardest part of disentangling whales is raising the funds. It is expensive to save a whale. Often times it takes days, even weeks before the whale is totally free of the gear. To quickly respond the boat needs to be kept in a slip with all the tools on board. We are an all-volunteer organization but funds are needed for:

• fuel for boat • slip fees • insurance • additional specialized tools neccessary for disentangling whales, including a new GPS/Argos telemetry package with buoy • vessel maintaince • fixed RDG antennae with RDF wideband radio direction finding receiver (to pic up VHF signal of GPS/Argos telemetry • see full list at

The Whale Rescue Research Vessel is used as a training platform for the Whale Entanglement Team (WET)® through the group’s Research Scientist Program. This helps develop an understanding of whale behavior and assess the complexity of each entanglement. Continual training of methods and tool usage for WET® is crucial for efficient responses to disentangle whales. In addition to saving whales from a slow, painful death, the data collected is being used to determine how to mitigate this issue in the future.  
WET® is a group of trained unpaid professionals who volunteer their time and talent, disentangling whales. The authority of this group is under the Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program permit. 

Donate today because a dedicated in-water, rapid response boat and the trained WET® team that would go with it, is critical for a timely and successful response to an entangled whale dragging gear.


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WET® was founded by Peggy Stap, Executive Director of Marine Life Studies and Mary Whitney, Founder of
Fluke Foundation

WET® is a group of unpaid professionals (volunteers) assembled and trained for the purpose of supporting large whale entanglement response. All work is directed under the authority of NOAA's Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program. Most of WET’s core members have direct affiliations with other conservation organizations that unofficially support this activity in a variety of ways. Marine Life Studies' volunteers are integral in the first response for WET® in the fast response Whale Rescue Research Vessel.


Learn more about WET                      



WET® is tasked with responding to whales entangled in fishing gear and marine debris. These highly trained and experienced teams include marine biologists, veterinarians, mariners, and other volunteers. We are not paid nor do we receive compensation for responding to entangled whales. 

Responding to, and disentangling whales is vital. The value of what the whales bring to Monterey County is important to the local economy on many levels. Monterey Bay is the Whale Watching Capital of the World. Whale watchers and tourists bring much-needed revenue to our local economy. In addition, Monterey County's efforts to promote conservation and healthy ocean ecosystems are good for the community, the country and the ocean, and are newsworthy garnering national and international PR.


You can save entangled whales by donating today through MC Gives! 2016, just click here to make a difference today.


Businesses and individuals are challenging you to give today! They have already donated Challenge Gifts totaling $7,700 to support Marine Life Studies' Whale Rescue Research Vessel.


Jim and Debbie Thoits • Bonnie L. Tucker •  Daphne Shahabian • The Raw Connection- A Healthy Pet Store • Sea Lion Whisperer (Anonymous) • Huge Fan of Marine Life Studies (Anonymous)  Al Lever • Founding Board Member • Anonymous Individual Supporters


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Photos of humpback whale top left and bottom right of page taken under NOAA MMHSRP Permit
932-1905 and entangled fluke photo on right side is courtesy of Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies taken under DFO-Canada license. Photo of Whale Rescue Research Vessel courtesy of Tony Thomas, Blue Ocean Whale Watch.