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Marine Life Studies Ocean Literacy Series

Marine Life Studies Ocean Literacy Series - Connecting the public with marine science research findings


December 2014 through January 25, 2015

Museum of Monterey at the Stanton Center (formerly the Maritime Museum)
5 Custom House Plaza 
Monterey, California 93940

Free Admission

11am-5pm, Wednesday-Saturday &
Noon-5pm, Sundays, except on Sunday, January 25th will be open at
11 am during Whalefest
Museum hours subject to change, please check or call 831.372.2608

Donations to Marine Life Studies are greatly appreciated. This enables us to continue providing education programs to the public. Click here to donate and receive a 20% match. Every donation is important.      

Be sure to join us during Whalefest Saturday, January 24th and 25th at Fisherman's Wharf. This free fun and educational, interactive family event is celebration of whales and our beautiful ocean and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.  Marine Life Studies is sponsoring the Ocean Literacy Series for Whalefest including award-winning documentaries and lectures by world-renowned scientists that will focus on the California Current Ecosystem.

Marine Life Studies, in collaboration with world-renowned marine research scientists, presents a 5-screen experiential art & science installation:

     • The Ocean 
— Our Life Support System 
     • Sustaining the Ocean — Through National Marine 
Sanctuaries and Hope Spots
     • Marine Ecosystem Diversity — Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
     • Marine Debris — The Threat of Plastics
     • Marine Life Studies
Enjoy a self-paced perspective of the ocean as discovered by research scientists using deep water high technology.
Discover for yourself why the ocean is understood to be the heart and lungs of the planet; and why we need to protect it.


Resolution Kelp Forest Exhibit: This art piece is designed to illustrate the interdependence kelp, urchins and otters have on one another.  Contribute to The Kelp Forest by writing your individual resolution on the kelp art piece stating what you will do to protect the ocean.

The Vortex Art Exhibit: This is an interpretative art piece of the Great Pacific garbage patch, also described as the Pacific trash vortex.          

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Jerry Perezchica, Marine Life Studies Program Director, explains: “The Ocean — Our Life Support System is an experiential art & science installation designed to connect the public with the ocean through the breakthrough scientific findings of ocean research scientists.  The intent of the exhibit is to go below the surface of the ocean and gain a better insight into the role the ocean plays as the heart and lungs of the planet.  It is designed to educate the public on the fragility of this ecosystem; the stress humanity is placing on its resilience and to give voice to the marine mammals that live in the ocean.”


This self-paced exhibit begins in the museum theater with: The Ocean — Our Life Support System

This presentation provides an insight into how the ocean has sustained life on this planet for billions of years as the heart and lungs of our planet.  Breakthroughs in high-resolution deep-water technology, now provides empirical data on how the ocean topography has influenced currents, ecosystems and surface climate.  This same technology now illustrates how we are destroying this fragile complex system at an unsustainable pace.  To fully enjoy and understand the installation as a whole, it is highly recommended this exhibit be viewed in its entirety to become familiar with key words and concepts presented in the other exhibits:

Sustaining the Ocean — Through National Marine Sanctuaries and Hope Spots

The Office of National Marine Sanctuaries serves as the trustee for a network of 13 sanctuaries and 1 Marine National Monument encompassing more than 172,481 square miles of marine and Great Lakes waters.  This exhibit introduces the importance and achievements of the Central Coast National Marine Sanctuaries:  Cordell Bank, The Gulf of the Farallones, Monterey Bay and Channel Islands.

Mission Blue Sylvia Earle Alliance is a global coalition of passionate organizations that work together to improve the health of the ocean. This exhibit illustrates the collaborative effort to create a global network of Hope Spots, as flourishing ocean environments that will form the seed of tomorrow's healthy ocean.

Marine Ecosystem Diversity — Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary represents one of the most diverse marine ecosystems on the planet.

This exhibit offers an insight into how complex and truly valuable Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is to the
sustainability of marine mammals.

Marine Debris — The Threat of Plastics

Within the last 50 years, the globalization of single-use disposable stuff has become ubiquitous.  The landscape changing result of this behavior is now evident.  This exhibit provides an insight into what happens when people attempt to “use it once and throw it away.”   In partnership with The Story of Stuff Project, this exhibit illustrates the downstream impact stuff has on our watersheds and how deadly it can be as marine debris.  This exhibit also provides recommendations on how respond to the call for action to reduce watershed and marine debris.

Marine Life Studies

This exhibit showcases how synergy to influence change can happen when people with a common passion and a vision to make a difference come together.  It introduces the public to Marine Life Studies and offers an opportunity to become a part of change.

The Ocean — Our Life Support System
is an experiential installation.  It is highly visual and presents challenging concepts.  Perezchica explains: “We have incorporated an interpretative art exhibit: The Kelp Forest. This art piece is designed to illustrate the interdependence kelp, urchins and otters have on one another.  The public will be encouraged to contribute to The Kelp Forest by writing their individual resolution on the kelp art piece stating what they will do to protect the ocean.”

Marine Life Studies, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, developed the Ocean Literacy Series to connect the public with marine science research findings.  We achieve this through a collaborative partnership with scientific subject matter experts.  The Ocean: Our Life Support System installation is the result of contributions by Mission Blue-Sylvia Earle Alliance, National Geographic, Hopkins Marine Laboratories (Stanford University), Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (California State University), N.O.A.A. National Marine Sanctuary West Coast Region, The Story of Stuff Project, First Night Monterey, and the Museum of Monterey. 

The Ocean — Our Life Support System is a traveling installation. To inquire how this installation can be brought to your community please follow This Link


Mission Blue Sylvia Earle Alliance is a global
coalition of passionate 
organizations that work
together to improve the health of the ocean.

As a Mission Blue partner, Marine Life Studies
strives to raise awareness about the beauty of
the ocean through our Ocean Literacy Series, 
The Ocean - Our Life Support System.



Marine Life Studies Ocean Literacy 
Series is supported in part by a grant
from the Arts Council for Monterey 
County. Thanks to support from the 
Monterey County Board of Supervisors.



The Kelp Forest Interpretative art installation artists and contributors:
Kim Campbell Gallery - Carmel: Kim Campbell and Annee Delaware
York School students: Denny Baek, Camilla Diamond, Grace Khieu, C.J. Paghasian, and Audrey van Ruler
First Night Monterey: Nina Parris
Fleurs du Soleil - Monterey: Kim England
Marine Life Studies Ocean Stewards: Meri Bautch, Stephanie Marcos, Jerry Perezchica, Dr. Connie Sanchez, and Antoinnette Saylor      

The Vortex Art Exhibit artists and collaborators:
Aimee Barrilleuz, Kira Carillo Corser, Nina Parris, students in the Arts Council for Monterey County Salinas art class, the Greenfield thursday night art class, and children participating in First Night Monterey

First Night Monterey/ Kira Carrillo Corser, Ellen Martin, and Nina Parris
Mission Blue - Sylvia Earle Alliance: Brett Garling
National Geographic: Saman Behbahani, Erin McVay, David Pierson, Joanne Smith, and Deborah Walsh 
NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries Office: Nicole Capps, Paul Chetirkin, and Bill Douros
Rose Sellery Gallery - Santa Cruze: Rose Sellery 

Marine Life Studies Ocean Stewards:
Meri Bautch, Anna Hunter, Stephanie Marcos, Hayley Newell, Jerry Perechica, Nina Rosen, Dr. Connie Sanchez, Cindy Serraino, Antoinette Saylor, Peggy Stap, Victoria Wade,
and Mary Whitney