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Charity Match 2015



Donate today and get a 20% Match!


You love golf. You love the beauty of golf courses, especially links courses by the sea.
You love the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am!
You love the ocean. You love whales, dolphins and all marine life.


You know the oceans and marine wildlife are in trouble and you realize the importance of environmental stewardship. You want to support Marine Life Studies – a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching and inspiring the public to protect our oceans and the whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife that depend on it.


How To Donate and get a 20% Match!

Monterey Peninsula Foundation Charity Match (formerly known as Birdies for Charity) is a unique way for nonprofits to raise more funds to serve their charitable mission. Monterey Peninsula Foundation is a nonprofit organization that hosts the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am and disburses the proceeds to charity, Marine Life Studies receives 100% of all donations collected through the program plus a 20% match. No fees will be deducted. For example your donation of $100 provides $120 to Marine Life Studies.
You can either:




What is Charity Match through Monterey Peninsula Foundation?

Charity Match through Monterey Peninsula Foundation is an exciting way for charities to cash-in on the birdies made during the competitive rounds of the 2015 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am tournament, hosted by Monterey Peninsula Foundation. BFC is a fundraising program with three components – a Pledge Drive with matching fund and a BFC Shoot-Out – all geared towards raising thousands of additional dollars for Northern California charities.


How long has Charity Match through Monterey Peninsula Foundation existed?

Charity Match, a program coordinated by Monterey Peninsula Foundation, is a unique way for nonprofits to raise funds, through the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Since the program began in 2007, Charity Match has helped charities in Northern California raise over $2.2 million.
The program runs from November 3, 2014 through February 2015 in conjunction with the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, February 9-15, 2015.


Golfing at Pebble Beach, CA

Charity Match Shoot-Out

Participating charities are invited to compete in a closest-to-the pin competition to earn the opportunity to be represented by a team in the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Chevron Shoot-Out at the tournament on February 10. The four top qualifying charities could potentially earn up to $50,000 for their charity, in addition to money raised through the pledge drive.


For Donors

How do I donate to a participating charity?

You can either make an online donation on this website by following the links above. Be sure to make sure you pick Marine Life Studies once you are making the donation on the Charity Match website.  If you want to make donation with a pledge form just contact us at 831.901.3833. Complete the pledge form and return it to the Marine Life Studies.


Are pledges tax deductible?

All pledges are deductible - contact a tax professional for the details of deducting such a donation. One hundred percent of the money collected goes to charity. No funds received from donors go to pay for prizes or administrative expenses. No money collected goes to PGA TOUR professionals. Monterey Peninsula Foundation absorbs all administrative expenses. Monterey Peninsula Foundation and our other sponsors provide all related prizes.


What is a birdie?

In golf, a birdie is a score of one stroke under par on a hole. Par is the number of strokes set as a standard for a specific hole.

How many birdies were scored in past tournaments?

2013 - 1823; 2012 - 1833; 2011 - 1798; 2010 - 1865 birdies; 2009 - 1755 birdies (54 of 72 holes played); 2008 - 1852 birdies; 2007 - 1889 birdies; 2006 - 2070

Can I make a flat donation rather than a per birdie pledge?

Yes, but there is a minimum donation of $20.

Will I receive a tax receipt letter?

Yes. If you donate online, a tax receipt is automatically generated and the charity is notified of your donation. If you donate using a pledge form, tax receipt letters from the Monterey Peninsula Foundation are mailed in January 2015 for 2014 donations and in December 2015 for 2015 donations. If the donation is a birdies pledge instead of a flat donation, tax receipt letters are mailed in December, 2015, because the number of birdies scored is not known until after the February tournament.