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4/14/17 Update of Gray Whale Entangled in Metal Frame




2017_0401_EntangledErAnother re-sight on 4/10/17: An entangled gray whale with a metal frame on its head was first sighted off Newport Harbor on 4/1/17. It was re-sighted on 4/3/17 near Goleta, CA and then again in Piedras Blancas on  4/5/17. The sighting from Goleta and Piedras Blancas were sighted by people on shore.

The new re-sight came in Tuesday, April 11th (24 hours after it was sighted) through the Whale Hotline. The re-sight of this whale was 2 pm on Monday, April 10th, 4 nm west of Half Moon Bay, CA.  Below is an updated time table of locations that the whale could be seen as it travels up the coast. We need your help to relocate this entangled whale; whether you are searching while on the water or observing from land. Please share this information with your friends, family, and coworkers.

The calculations are subjective as we do not actually know the route the whale will take. In talking with John Calambokidis of Cascadia Research, he said it did not surprise him that it was seen off Half Moon Bay as they don't always just keep traveling north on their migration but can stop along the way.

On Monday, April 10th it was seen traveling with one other whale, whereas the sighting off of Piedras Blancas it was traveling with two other gray whales and the original sighting on 4/1/17 off Dana Point it was traveling with one other whale. The time table below are the new calculations as of 4/14/17. The areas highlighted in purple are dates already passed by. It was figured at 1.3 knots which would have been the speed calculated between Piedras Blancas to Half Moon Bay. It does not mean the animal traveled at this slower speed but accounts for time the whale dilly dallied on the way. It also has calculations at 2.6 and 3 knots.


Photo of gray whale entangled in a metal frame above is courtesy of ©Michael White.