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National Geographic features Hawaii Whale Research Foundation Humpback Research

What Are They Doing Down There? 

Famous for their acrobatic leaps and haunting songs, these whales are slowly revealing the mysteries of their underwater behavior.

By: Douglas H. Chadwick


Excerpt from the article:

alt"After taking tail photographs to identify the individuals involved—each humpback has a unique pattern of pigment and scars on the underside—Salden turns to an assistant, Peggy Stap, who has been sitting patiently on the stern clad in a wet suit and oversize fins. "OK," he says. "GO!" And she's overboard, kicking toward a roller derby in the Kingdom of Giants, one hand thrusting a video camera at several hundred thousand pounds of churning behemoths, the other hand held high out of the water to signal the whales' number and direction and also to let us track her more easily from the deck..."


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