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April 28, 21012 KION TV Central Coast News: Funding Is Running Out For Rescuers Looking for Entangled Gray Whale

MOSS LANDING, Calif.-- Funding Is Running Out For Rescuers Looking for Entangled Gray Whale. The lack of funding for some marine groups has rescuers worried  in case June is spotted in the next few weeks.

The Marine Life Studies' Whale Entanglement Team has been out on the water every day since they heard about the gray whale June getting tangled in fishing rope.

The Whale Entanglement Group is funded by private donors and right now they only have 2 weeks worth of funding left for going out on the water. Team members are worried about having enough resources to continue looking for the struggling gray whale. "Just the fuel alone not including all the other expenses, repairs to the boat, oil and the equipment and those things. Just for fuel it costs us almost $250 dollars a day. So we spent more than that the other day searching for the entangled whale," said Peggy Stap.

Over the past few days the entanglement team has spent more than $1,000 to go out looking for June. The group is optimistic they'll still find her or at least be able to locate the buoys that were attached to her that could still be floating along the coast.

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