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Did you know many children never get to see the ocean or learn about marine mammals?

Marine Life Studies provides important educational programs.


Through education and experience, children learn the value of becoming stewards of the oceans, animals and the environment entrusted to us all!
~Peggy Stap                  

 Marine Life Studies Educational Programs - Marine Life Studies Donations. Thank you!


Read about how Marine Life Studies is making a difference for children at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County.


Did You Know?

Peggy Stap, Founder and Director of Research and Education has developed marine life studies educational programs for children. Many children who live in the surrounding communities never get to see the ocean; to learn about marine mammals; to have a first hand experience on the water and actually see whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife; to learn how much the world really needs them to become environmental stewards.


To meet this need, Marine Life Studies presents educational programs to children in schools, camps, and special events. Marine Life Studies Educational Programs and Activities include the environmental and health hazards of marine debris, water and shore cleanups, marine wildlife entanglement, marine life research, photo ID and data collection, GPS positioning, and study and observation of marine wildlife in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.


  • Marine Life Studies Educational Programs and Activities have been presented by Peggy Stap to over 1000 elementary school children in Maui, Hawaii, Michigan and Monterey County, California since 1998.
  • Marine Mammal Research Science and Technology and Marine Debris Educational Programs were presented by Peggy Stap at Whale Quest Kapalua in Maui 2006-2009.
  • MLS was instrumental in the development of the Whale Entanglement Team (W.E.T.) of Northern California and is involved in whale disentanglement education and trainings.
  • MLS developed the Marine Life Studies Whale and Marine Wildlife Adventure and the Marine Life Studies Junior Research Scientist Program in cooperation with the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District.
  • MLS developed the Marine Life Studies Education Outreach Program and is a Community Partner with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County to offer free MLS Educational Programs and Activities to children in the Monterey County communities of Monterey, Seaside, Salinas, and Marina, California.
  • MLS presented educational programs at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Monterey, California in 2010: The Squid Eaters of Monterey Bay, and Help Save the Oceans from Marine Debris. Marine Life Studies Educational Adventures included classroom and a guided whale watch on Monterey Bay.



Marine Life Studies Junior Research Scientist Program™

The Marine Life Studies Junior Research Scientist Program™ is a series of classes where children how to research whales and dolphins on the Monterey Bay.  Exciting hands-on activities include: research techniques, photo identification, data collection, GPS positioning and a whale watch on Monterey Bay to practice newly learned research techniques. 




Educational Program Topics Include:

  • Marine Wildlife Facts and Statistics
  • Information, Photos, Video and Details about Marine Wildlife Entanglement
  • Marine Life Studies Educational Programs
  • Facts About Man-made Disasters, Hazards and Pollution, and the Effects on Marine Wildlife in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
  • Humpback Whale Fluke Identification; Killer Whale and Dolphin Markings and Dorsal Identification
  • Marine Wildlife Stories about Peggy's dog, Whiskie the Whale Spotter


To learn more about Marine Life Studies educational programs, please contact Peggy Stap:




Joey Jones Scholarship and Educational Fund

Joey Jones Scholarship and Educational Fund


Classes and educational programs are funded in part through the Marine Life Studies Joey Jones Scholarship and Educational Fund in honor of Moss Landing resident and commercial fisherman, Joey Jones, who lost his life at sea April 3, 2008.

Joey’s love of the sea and fishing was the inspiration for the scholarship. He wanted to bridge the gap between the marine science and commercial fishing communities through cooperation, dialogue, education and research. Learn more about Joey. 




Recent Marine Life Studies Educational Programs:

Peggy Stap provides Marine Life Studies Educational Programs at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Monterey, California

Marine Life Studies educates a new generation of marine scientists in Marine Life Studies Junior Research Scientist Program

Kids have a “whale of a good time” at Marine Life Studies Marine Life Adventure – GoH2O Camp Summer 2010

Peggy presented an exciting class, “The Squid Eaters” to third grade class.

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