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Why an orca is not just an orca

Sometimes we are fooled into thinking that the world is getting smaller… We can fly around it so fast, access information about every corner of it in seconds, watch instant live pictures of the most remote places from the familiarity of our homes… Smaller and smaller, more known less unknown, more commonplace less remarkable… Easily taken for granted and less easily able to shake us awake to look with wide-eyed wonder at the incredible, unfathomable, bounteous marvels around us.


Because really, the world is not getting smaller and it is still filled with wonder, more wonder than most of us can handle in one lifetime. (Maybe it is just our minds shrinking a little during our adult lives that fool us into thinking otherwise.) When we can summon just a little energy to step outside the relatively small box of everyday life, take ten minutes to explore something new, turn on a computer and look up new realms of interests, read a book about something we know nothing about, (never mind jumping on a plane and visiting someplace new)… We can stumble across things that explode the world open again and show us how vast it really is.


Take killer whales for example… A killer whale is a killer whale isn’t it? If you’ve seen one off the coast of Canada, you know what one living in Antarctica waters is like. They are the biggest of dolphins, have teeth, hunt sea lions, are black and white, are pretty stunning when you first see one, but once you’ve seen that plus a few pictures, no big deal… They’re just killer whales after all, what more do you need to know?


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