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Bliss and responsibility (with whales on the side)

Whiskie the Whale Spotter

Moving on… To a little something more about Peggy Stap, Marine Life Studies, Monterey Bay, killer whales, almost-but-not-quite capsizing, chasing strange smelling oily slicks and being soaking wet for hours on end.


As you may know if you have been reading my last few meandering posts, I recently returned to Monterey Bay to be reunited with Peggy Stap of Marine Life Studies (MLS) and her beloved dog, Whiskie the Whale Spotter.


I first met Peggy a year and a half ago when I spent a month living in her home, assisting with her research and writing about her life. As friends warned her at the time, “It’s a risk having a stranger stay in your home for a month!” But, Peggy had a good feeling about it and, love and gratitude, luckily enough she was right and we became good friends. If you read the previous post you will know that I consider Peggy to be a Fool, (a compliment indeed when you know the context), and she is probably the one woman in the world most able to make me laugh until my whole body crumples to the floor in exhaustion.


Staying with her again this April felt like a home coming… even though she has moved house. And seeing as her new home is like a tree house, (one in which Whiskie drapes herself luxuriously onto every comfy chair, rug or bed available), I felt instantly relaxed and back in touch with the natural world.



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