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A fool’s journey

With wonderful synchronicity, this morning before sitting down to write a post about scouting for killer whales with researcher, educator and conservationist Peggy Stap, I shut my eyes and picked a card from my Tarot deck. When I opened my eyes, I saw that I held the Fool in my hand.


I can happily state that Peggy Stap is indeed a Fool. I can equally happily state that these days I welcome the Fool within me more readily and, with that in mind, the rest of this post will once again slide away from its original direction into a reflection about Fools, mottos, and stepping off of mountains.


“Love and gratitude, may something wonderful happen today…”


This is the motto that Peggy lives by. Every day; not just on the good days. Through the highlights, the lowlights, and all those days in-between that are not quite one thing or another but which constitute a major portion of many people’s lives.



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