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Monterey’s ‘Minnie the Minke’ whale was not a baby, may have suffered poisoning

By Ana Ceballos, Monterey Herald, 08/12/15

A minke whale surfaces beside a sailboat in the Monterey Harbor, as officials and others try to direct it out by pounding on the side of boats and making noise on Tuesday, August 11, 2015. (David Royal - Monterey Herald)


Monterey: The minke whale that swam into the Monterey Harbor on Tuesday and got itself stuck underneath a dock was probably not a baby as first reported and may have suffered from domoic acid poisoning. "It was disoriented, and when they have domoic acid poisoning, they act like that," said Kate Spencer, a captain and naturalist with Fast Raft Ocean Safaris.


Spencer witnessed the rescue and said the whale, which might have been several years old, was repeatedly turning from side to side, and appeared to be disoriented throughout the three-hour rescue. "It is possible it suffered from poisoning, but only chemical tests could decipher that," she said.


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