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The Whale and Marine Wildlife Adventure we did in July, as part of the summer program with the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District’s Go H2O Camp, was a huge success. We had such a great time with the kids sharing our excitement, passion and knowledge about the whales and marine wildlife that inhabit the Monterey National Marine Sanctuary. On the whale watch boat, Princess Monterey, we saw blue whales and humpback whales. There were at least 12 blue whales - it was amazing. Click here to see more about our exciting time we had.


Grace, a student of the Robert Down School that was at “Squid Eaters” as part of “Classroom on the Bay – Squid Kid Day” in May, participated in the Whale and Marine Wildlife Adventure in July. Her Mom, Stacey Jacobs who accompanied the children from Robert Down School, sent us this note about Grace’s experience.


“Thank you Peggy and team. ‘Squid Kid’ day was absolutely fantastic. I have worked many hours with this group of kids and have never seen them pay attention as they did with you. You really reached them – they were becoming good stewards of our planet and our oceans right there before our eyes! My two younger children keep asking their big sister to tell them all about what she learned with you, and they don’t seem to tire of the conversation!” For the Whales, Stacey Jacobs


Check out the new fall program, “Whales and Dolphins of Monterey Bay – Marine Life Studies Adventure! The Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District will offer this as part of their Let’s Go Outdoors Fall Program! It is great adventure you won’t want to miss! Click here to reserve your spot now. Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis, as class size is limited. So reserve your spot today!


A sad point, though, is many children who live in the surrounding communities never even get to see the ocean; to learn about marine mammals; to have a first-hand experience on the water and actually see whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife; to learn how much the world really needs them to become protectors of the environment.


Marine Life Studies has developed the Marine Life Studies Education Outreach Program to reach these youngsters, made possible by our Marine Life Studies Joey Jones Scholarship and Educational Fund. We are currently working with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monterey County – Seaside and Salinas Units to bring these exciting programs to their youth. As soon as we finalize the dates we will announce them.


Stay tuned as so many exciting things are in the works!


Aloha, Peggy 

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