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Marine Life Studies joined the American Cetacean Society, Save the Whales, and other like-minded organizations for Save the Whales Rally in Monterey on May 23, 2010.


The Save the Whales Rally took place in all coastal California counties to protest the IWC  (International Whaling Commission) proposal to lift the moratorium on commercial whaling, allowing increased whaling in all the world oceans. Signatures were collected on petitions that were then sent to the Obama Administration in Washington D.C. supporting the moratorium.


After the event, I sent the poster that you see pictured “Whiskie to the rescue”, two of Marine Life Studies Junior Research Scientist kits for President Obama’s daughters, and a letter urging President Obama to oppose any deal that would legitimize commercial whaling by granting quotas to Japan and its whaling allies. Instead, urged the President to support Australia's proposal, which would end whaling in the Southern Ocean once and for all.


There is still time for you to make a difference. The whales need our help NOW!


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