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Wow, what an exciting February for Marine Life Studies. We kicked off our newest project the "Joey Jones Scholarship and Educational Fund" and all monies donated at the AT&T plus the whole month of February went directly to build the scholarship fund. Plus we promoted our free educational program for the schools.


The schools are facing so many cutbacks in funding that this is an important endeavor for Marine Life Studies. We kicked off our free educational program on Monday, February 15, 2010 by visiting third graders at Stevenson School, Carmel Campus and it was so much fun. It is really important to give back to the community.


“The next generation holds the keys to better understand the importance and beauty of our planets’ ocean ecology,” says Stap. “I want to offer youngsters a chance to pursue an education in oceanic studies. It is so rewarding to give something back to those who will continue to value our oceans and marine mammals.” (Excerpt from article written by Leslie Miller 2-22-10)


Victoria Wade and I were so excited at the enthusiasm of the kids. We left them with an assignment. We supplied the teacher, Ms. Foster, with everything the students would need to accomplish the task. Each student received a photo packet with 15 identification photos of both humpbacks and killer whales, plus blank sheets of flukes and killer whales, so they could draw their own and develop a short story on how the Humpback Whales and Orcas received certain markings that are used to identify individual animals. We plan to post some of their work once we get copies.


For more information on booking Marine Life Studies for your school please send an email through our “Contact us” Page.


We are now on Facebook so check it out. Become a fan. It is free. There are pictures posted already and I plan to add more plus video so stay tuned.


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