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Marine Life Studies coordinated a hands-on water training for W.E.T. in December. Cheryl McCormick, Executive Director of the American Cetacean Society (ACS), joined us. The article about W.E.T. is now available on page 5 of “Spyhopper, ACS Newsletter”.

We purchased more tools for W.E.T. The cache of tools available for the Monterey Bay area is growing. We still need more funding to have a complete kit. I have put in a grant proposal so we can complete the set but will not know until later this year if we will be awarded the grant.

The American Cetacean Society, Monterey Bay Chapter, provided us with a grant of $500 to print Response and Reporting cards on waterproof paper last year. We have distributed all of those throughout central and northern California. But we ran out and needed more so Marine Life Studies just provided funds to print another batch of the cards so we can continue distributing to boaters. If you need a waterproof Response and Reporting card please contact us and we will get some out to you. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped distribute them.

Aloha, Peggy

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