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Well, in 2007 we had some more boat problems, which limited our days on the water. There were a couple times we got back to the harbor safely on a wing n’ a prayer. But the main thing is we got some more water days out on beautiful Monterey Bay. Nothing makes me happier. While working on the boat hoping to get it running while floating dead in the water (luckily it was a calm, beautiful day), I kept dreaming of the day that we can get our dream "Green Research" boat that runs on renewable fuels. See our "Wish List".

George Black can tell you stories about his first season with us. George is a retired teacher and principal with great boat handling experience. He is actually my dive buddy of 10 years. He drove all the way from Michigan so that I would have one dedicated person every day to help on the project. As you may know the Marine Life Studies (MLS) staff, composed of highly skilled and professional individuals, is entirely volunteer. It was great as George helped with loading and unloading the equipment everyday, set up, and captained the boat. He helped with hydrophone recordings and plankton tows. George was a great asset .

The project could not run without our local volunteers. Many thanks go out to Sarah Graham, Danny Frank, Gina Thomas, Martijn Stiphout, and Mary Whitney for all their help on the boat this year.


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