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Photo by Mich NelsonI met the Earthrace team in Monterey as I went down to talk to them about my dream of eventually having a research vessel that runs on biodiesel fuel. "Earthrace is a bid to break the world record for circumnavigating the globe in a powerboat, and using only renewable fuels. The program includes an 18-month tour calling at 60 of the worlds' great cities, promoting fuels like biodiesel, and raising awareness about sustainable use of resources."

After hosting the Earthrace team at my house the weekend of August 26th, they left Monterey (check out their website at to continue their North American tour. They will be trying to beat the world record of circumnavigating the globe all on biodiesel in March 2007.  Pete Bethune, the skipper and the one who had the vision for the boat, came back to Monterey while the crew was in San Francisco for servicing. Pete stayed the whole week at my house working on paperwork and phone calls.

Photo by Mich NelsonOn Friday, Sept 1st Earthrace was in Santa Cruz so Sarah Graham and myself met them. We helped them sell t-shirts and DVD’s. We also presented them with a net on behalf of Marine Life Studies to help us in our efforts to pick up trash while on their tour. See article by Ruth Carlson at:

After the Earthrace team left Santa Cruz, John Allen, one of the Earthrace volunteers came back and stayed with me for a week as he had sponsors to meet with in the bay area while the rest of the team continued the tour in southern California. So for about 2 weeks my dining room table was the temporary office of Earthrace. While he was here, John was so impressed by our Marine Life Studies project that he donated $100 on behalf of Earthrace. Thank you Earthrace!

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