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After Whale Fest, one of our MLS volunteers, Tif Thomas, and myself met the Earthrace team in Newport Beach and went with them to San Diego. We assisted them with projects and cleaning the boat as well as helping them sell DVD’s and t-shirts for their cause.

When Tif and I returned from San Diego the fuel line for the research boat finally came in and we were able to install it. We launched the boat on September 17th. We were very excited. Since the ocean conditions were not real favorable we just did safety drills. The next day we were able to get out but had to come in early as the winds picked up. Due to the ocean conditions we did not get where there was a killer whale report. But we did find 6 different sightings of balloons, which we did pick up.

Balloons are a pet peeve of Marine Life Studies as they are very detrimental to marine life. Balloons can mean death to turtles, whales, dolphins, seals and other marine life. They may ingest it innocently believing it is food such as a jellyfish or squid. Please do not release balloons outside. Please dispose of them properly by puncturing them and throwing them in the trash.  See for alternatives to balloons for celebrations such as birthdays, grand openings, birth of a child, etc.

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